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Heavy Haulage Transport

Operating for more than 30 years, Hi-Haul Transport Pty Ltd is based in Melbourne and provides heavy haulage transport Australia wide.

With a large diversified fleet of prime-movers, low-loaders and rear-end steerable equipment, as well as semi, extendable and stepdeck trailers we are able to handle all specialist transport needs.

We offer the highest quality service to our customers and seek excellence in all aspects of our work.

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Heavy Transport Equipment

Our extensive fleet of heavy transport equipment allows us to service a wide range of industries including mining, industrial, manufacturing and construction.

Whether you are looking to transport earthmoving equipment, large pressure vessels, heavy beams or mobile cranes, no job is too big or too heavy.

Our experienced team will choose the right equipment for any machinery or large object you need to move and arrange all necessary approvals from the relevant Authorities.

Heavy beam transportation

Transport ProjectS

In addition to being a specialist beam carrying company, we have a long history of large scale transportation projects involving a wide range of machinery and equipment:

  • The transportation of 56 roof truss sections for the Southern Cross Railway
  • The movement of two drill rigs from Barry’s Beach to local storage.  Sizes ranged up to 15m wide and high and involved 20 loads.
  • Movement of oil-drilling rigs for Esso from the Melbourne Wharf to Barry’s Beach.  Approximately 50 loads ranging up to 22m long, 7m wide, 5m high and weighing up to 100t. 
  • Transportation of 106 modules for the coal to oil feasibility program from the Melbourne Wharf to Morwell.  These loads ranged in size up to 22m long, 7 m wide, 5m high and weighing 100t. 
  • The co-ordination of transport for a 900 tonne crane from New South Wales to South Australia.
  • Delivery of 12 over dimensional loads of dump truck components from Melbourne Wharf to Whyalla, South Australia.
  • The transportation of a substantial number of D11 bulldozers to the La Trobe valley.  This work required particular attention to logistics as the specially designed blades were delivered separately from the main unit.
  • The successful transport of a 5130 excavator from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia to Savage River in Tasmania, involving some seven trucks and trailers.